Unconventional Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie is a nice way to spend an evening with your other half, but sometimes, “nice” isn’t really what you need. Sometimes, you need exciting, adventurous, nostalgic, romantic…I am sure that you’re getting the idea. I’ve decided to write up a few unexpected date night ideas that can help reignite your relationship that the Mrs. and I enjoy.

picnic at sunrise

The “Rise & Shine”
A picturesque sunset picnic might be a cliche, but what about an early morning picnic at sunrise? Now, that’s something new! Break up that old fashioned routine by setting an early alarm on a weekend, pack up some good breakfast treats, and venture out during the peaceful pre-dawn hours.

The “Very First Date-iversary” (Creative? Don’t judge me lol)
With this idea, try to recreate your very first outing together, down to the very last detail. Wear the same blouse or button-up you wore the magical night that started it all, if you still have it. Arrive separately, if possible, try to arrange sitting at the same table and order the same drinks and entrees. We promise you’ll get those same butterflies you had the first time around and feel like teens who are over-thinking, “If I make the first move, am I being weird?” all over again.

The Classic “Play Date”
Embrace your inner child with a day of innocent kid-like activities such as flying kites, water balloon fights, scavenger hunts or miniature golf. We’ve always had great dates doing something out of the ordinary. Put the button up and high heels away and do something fun, active and be kids again. Take her go kart racing, spend the day at a theme park, or go to an arcade.

haunted house

“The Adrenaline Rush”
So there’s fear and of course there is love. Since we’re in the Halloween season, try giving your relationship a healthy hit of adrenaline with a heart-pounding haunted house tour… or two. Do research on haunted houses and events in your area to find the spookiest set-up near you and be prepared to want to jump into your love’s arms for comfort—or, you know, vice versa. My favorite is Haunted Horror Nights at Universal Studios or Fright Fest at Six Flags, if either theme park is in your area.

The “Amazing Race”
Looking for some fun and exciting action that’ll test your wits and teamwork ability by participating in a real world scavenger hunt? I suggest signing up for Geocaching. Curious and want more details, huh? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using your GPS-enabled device(s). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates attempting to find geocache’s (containers) hidden at that specific location. It’s a treasure hunt for the 21st century! My brother-in-law and nephew-in-law do this activity together on weekends as a good bonding exercise. Create your own adventures for your girl or guy, or download the Geocache app and embark on a mission together. The Mrs. loves it!

Volunteer Together
Find a local volunteer organization, find a project that interests you both and spend a day giving back to the community. It truly is better to give than to receive and doing this activity together can definitely strengthen your bond.

Brewery Tours
Local breweries are popping up all over the place, especially in California, and most of them have behind the scenes tours along with tastings of the variety of beers they brew. As a man, this sounds like a dream to me, but be sure the Mrs. or girlfriend is up for it as well.

*queue in the drum roll please* “Destination Unknown”
Definitely known as one of our favorite unconventional date ideas! Pack a bag and head to the airport, because you’re leaving town for the weekend, at least. Sure, you could plan a mini-vacay, but it’ll be much more exciting to show up at the airport and pick the cheapest—and soonest—available flight that day, jet off and spend the weekend exploring whatever city or island you end up in.

That’s about all that I can think of at this point, but I am sure more ideas will come up as the Mrs. and I playfully bicker,  “What do you want to do this weekend?”. I truly hope this post helps any of you out there looking for fun, new and exciting things to do together. Have some great date ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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