Santa Barbara Recap

Well, we are back from Santa Barbara and oh how I missed the city. Kind of. There are things to love about the city but also things that I won’t miss. Like the city, downtown and most restaurants closing by 9pm, the hordes of homeless people, and the tourist driven shopping.

We had to literally have dinner by 7pm or we would be the last ones in the restaurants and getting dirty looks from the staff since they are trying to get ready to close for the night. We ended up eating at a few different places, although mostly at our hotel.

Olio Pizzeria is still some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Start with a nice craft beer and some fresh fried baby artichokes and then onto their Parma pizza, topped with prosciutto di parma and arugula. Delicious! I even went out on a limb and had a raw artichoke pizza “di caricofi” , raw baby artichokes thinly sliced over arugula and shaved Parmesan. The craft beer selection was pretty good as well. The Mr. went with the highly recommended Re Ale Extra by Birra Del Borgo.

Parma Pizza at Olio Pizzeriadi carciofi salad


Los Agaves, which used to be my favorite Mexican food in Santa Barbara, sadly fell short. They messed up our order and between correcting the order and fly swatting, we weren’t very happy. They need a blower or something at the door because there were so many flies I couldn’t enjoy my meal. The Mr. scarfed his chimichunga down fast to avoid the flies getting to it. Scratch this place from the list for now.


We found ourselves aboard the Channel Cat a few nights later, sipping our drinks on the front deck as we did a quick sunset dinner cruise from the Santa Barbara Harbor. The crew was amazing, and chefs as well. We had Snapper and Short Ribs, mashed potatoes and a mixed green salad. The views at sunset were breathtaking.

Back at our hotel, The Fess Parker Doubletree Resort, we had a great room, which also happened to be pet friendly, so Zulu was a happy camper. He even ventured out to the beach with us a few mornings in Montecito at Butterfly Beach. All in all, a great week long getaway.


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