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Can you believe Match.com is turning 20? In the last 20 years,  more than 125 million people have joined Match, and Match has created more than a quarter of a billion matches. Who doesn’t like a little icebreaker? Match users have sent more than 4 billion winks and emails and more than 20 million people have used Match through a mobile device.

Match has created more than 10 million relationships and “made” over 1 million babies. So why are you still single and hoping to bump into someone? Most people now are glued to their phones, and old fashioned ways are just that, OLD. Get on Match. Get matched. Get un-single.

2 out of relationships and more than half of all marriages will begin online over the next 20 years, and the single population will nearly double.

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Meet Bill and Freddi: Match’s Original Success Couple

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In celebration of Match turning 20, we decided reach back to our “original” success couple – the first

online dating success story who met on Match when we pioneered the category in 1995. Meet Bill and

Freddi Straus. We sat down with the happy couple from California to find out how they initially met on

the site, their first date story and what life’s like today in a world where meeting online is now the norm.

Q: Tell us a about you both.

Freddi: I grew up in Oakland, CA. I went to a boarding school in Switzerland for 2 years. I graduated from

San Francisco State University with a degree in business. I was married twice before I met Bill. I had one

daughter with my first husband, Stacey, who now has twins, Ben and Graycie. We divorced after ten

years and about five years later, I met my second husband. After he passed, I moved to the LA area and

remained single for around ten years until I met Bill. I am a travel agent by day and a tournament

master Bridge player by night!

Bill: I traveled to LA from New York with my first wife. We moved to the San Fernando and had 2

children. I now have five grandchildren. I married my second wife in 1980 and we were married for five


I worked in aerospace and semiconductors and have also worked at an NPR station programming and

hosting a Latin jazz and Salsa radio music show for a 4-hour block on Fridays.

I joined Match in 1995 because I’d been single for 10 years and I thought it would be easier to meet

someone in a somewhat structured environment, and it was.

Q: Tell us how you initially met on Match.

Freddi: Well, after ending a 5-year relationship, a friend told me I had to go on Match and meet

someone my age and eventually think about getting married again. I met many men and was just about

Meet Bill and Freddi: Match’s Original Success Couple

ready to give up before I saw Bill’s profile. He was exactly what I was looking for: Jewish, about 5’10,

gray hair and a hairy chest. Ha!

Q: Tell us about your first date.

Freddi: We emailed and spoke on the phone for about a week or so, then made a date for lunch at a

local Chinese restaurant. He wanted to impress me so he ordered the lobster. When the check came, he

was $5 short so he had to borrow it from me. As we walked out, he said he would like to see me again so

he could give me my $5 back. We quickly planned our second date for Sunday.

I tried to cancel our second date after I decided to get a perm (bad decision), but he wouldn’t budge!

When he came to pick me up for dinner, I greeted him at the door with a paper bag over my head with

the eyes, nose and mouth cut out. He laughed and loved it and that was it! It was a done deal.

Q: Tell us your engagement story.

Freddi: We dated for 1.5 years and he moved in for another 1.5 years. He had asked me to marry him

many times throughout our relationship, but I just wasn’t ready. Once I was ready though, it was an easy

“YES!” I’ve kissed a lot of frogs along the way to finding my prince.

Q: Tell us about your wedding.

Freddi: We got married on January 1, 2000. We picked a date we figured we could remember as we got

older. We had around 60 people, a Chuppah and a Rabbi performing the wedding.

Q: What is life like today with each other?

Freddi: We each have our own individual passions. Bill loves music and I play a lot of competitive Bridge

and do volunteer work. We enjoy cruises, and I’m actually hired by many cruise lines to run their

Bridge program onboard. We both love sushi and movies. My typical day is teaching Bridge, playing

Bridge, and being a travel agent. We are both very avid LA Dodgers fans and watch all of the Dodgers


Bill: I prefer staying at home now, listening to music and taking care of things, as I traveled much of the

world for work and pleasure for 30 years. I’m an advocate for all things green and more. I also fill in at

the Bridge club when needed.

Don’t Keep Waiting

As Match turns 20, we think about how lucky we are to have met, and we met online too!

Did Bill and Freddi’s story inspire you? Don’t wait around when your match could be out there waiting for you! Did you meet your significant other on Match? Let us know your story below!

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