Tubing on the River or Running Errands?

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Ever since we moved to Austin, we have been running around non-stop. Unpacking, shopping, traveling, and there just isn’t time for the little things like grocery shopping. We were eating out almost every night our first month because we hadn’t had time to even stop at the grocery store.

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This past Saturday we FINALLY has a free day. Our choices were: Grocery Shop or Go Tubing. Hard choice right?! Nope! We found Google Express and placed an order online for everything we needed for the coming week, packed up and went tubing! Since we are most familiar with the products at Whole Foods, that is where we ordered from. Ordering online was so much easier than having to deal with Whole Foods lines.

tubing in austin

The next day our Google Express order arrived and we skipped a shopping trip and were able to finally have some fun! Saved our Saturday! Our delivery was packed with a ton of great snacks and meal ingredients we needed for the week. Since we are always on the road or on a plane, snacks are a must!

Our favorite snack at the moment is Dang Coconut Chips! We use these to make smoothie bowls at home, or eat them right out of the bag on the go!

dang coconut chipsdang coconut chips

We decided to keep using Google Express because it was so helpful. Until we are settled, and probably long after, this seems SO handy!

We were thinking, our typical Thanksgiving dinner is a LONG cooking process, and we always find out we are missing ingredients when we write out our menu the week before. This year we are going to be proactive and just order all the spices and dry goods from Google Express ahead of time. Sometimes one store won’t have everything you need. For example, we always buy our toilet paper and paper towels at Costco. Google Express can do that too! You just enter your Costco membership number at checkout!

Using Google Express you can get $15 off your first order HERE or use my code: S3ZEGQ4YL.

We want to see your order and how it saved your Saturday too! Post a photo of your Saturday with the #MyNewSaturday and #GoogleExpress!

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