Free Glaciology and Marine Programs for Girls – Apply Now!

Inspiring Girls Expeditions is accepting applications through January 31, 2017 for free summer science and wilderness expeditions in Alaska and Washington for girls ages 16 to 17.

Three teams of up to nine teenage girls and three instructors will spend 12 days exploring and learning about mountain glaciers or fjords with tidewater glaciers. They’ll conduct scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, oceanographers, artists and mountaineers.

The three Inspiring Girls trips of 2017 will include Girls on Ice Alaska, Girls On Ice Cascades and Girls in Icy Fjords. They are operated through IARC and the UAF College of Natural Science & Mathematics.

Expedition details

  • Girls on Ice Alaska: Girls ages 16 to 17 sleep under the midnight sun and explore an Alaska glacier from June 16–27, 2017. Girls from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Yukon or California are eligible to apply.
  • Girls on Ice Cascades: Girls ages 16 to 17 explore Mount Baker, an ice-covered volcano in Washington, from July 16–27, 2017. Girls from all states and countries may apply.
  • Girls in Icy Fjords: Girls ages 16 to 17 explore Bear Glacier and its marine environment near Seward, Alaska, while also learning to kayak. Girls in Icy Fjords is new this year and will run from August 11-22, 2017. Girls from all states and countries may apply.

All Inspiring Girls programs help girls learn about the natural processes related to glaciers as they develop critical thinking skills and explore the connection between science and art. Participants design their own experiments and work as part of a team.

Girls participate in these programs tuition-free through small grants, gifts from individuals and support from the National Science Foundation, the Alaska Climate Science Center and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Visit the Inspiring Girls website for more information, and to learn about the application process.

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