Traveling Couples Series : Brock and Tanj

Traveling Couples Series

What are your names? We are Brock and Tanj

Where are your hometowns? Brock grew up from the suburbs of Philadelphia, and Tanj is from the Phillipines.

How did you meet? We met in the Middle East while we are working there.

Do you have a blog?

What is your favorite destination? We love to eat so our favorite destination is Italy or Japan. The two are very different but equally awesome when it comes to food.

What was your longest trip and to where? Our longest trip to date was our Balkan road trip. We spent 25 days driving around the Balkans. We had the most amazing time driving the Adriatic Coast Highway. We started our trip in Budapest and ended it in Poland.

What is your favorite international city? Istanbul

How many countries have you been to? Brock has been to 52 countries while Tanj has been to 65 countries.

How many continents have you been to? We both have been to 6 continents.

What is your least favorite city and why? We do not necessarily have a least favorite, every country is different.

What is one place you have no desire to go to and why? Afghanistan probably because its a war torn country.

What is your favorite travel accessory? Longchamp foldable weekend bag. Just in case we find stuff to bring home. It always comes in handy at the end of the trip.

What are your travel pet peeves? Brock finds selfie stick annoying and Tanj hates people who don’t know how to take good photos when you ask them to take your picture.

What is your favorite blog or website? Alex in Wanderland

What is your favorite airline? Qatar Airways! Tanj worked for the airline as well and Brock loves the overall service compared to other airlines.

What is your most embarrassing travel moment? The most embarassing travel moment is when we forgot to save our last bit of cash prior to entering Vietnam airport. The Immigration Police do not accept cards and we weren’t able to enter the country without paying for visa on arrival. Luckily, there was a fellow American who came to our rescue!

What is your dream destination? Antarctica! Our ultimate dream – to step foot on our 7th and last continent.

What is your best travel tip? Dress up when you are traveling. 

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