Adventures in Home Brewing : How To Build a DIY Hop Spider

How To Build a DIY Hop Spider

As some of you know, over the last year we have gone from your run of the mill, beer-snob, craft beer aficionados to home brewers. About 4 years ago, craft beer was foreign to us, and a Coors Light was our go-to beer. One night at a foodie event, we met a couple that changed our palates forever. Long story short, we had a long night of trying a ton of craft beer, we never touched a Coors again.

Everyone is different, and trying a lot of different type of beer will help you find what appeals to your palate. For example, Tiana can’t stand anything other than a Double IPA or a sour, and Shannon drinks pretty much all styles, except for a few. Anyhow, back to the post.

We are about 4 months into home brewing. We dove in head first. We did one extract kit (starter brewing kit), got hooked, and invested about $500 in brewing equipment to get started with mini-mash brewing.  We have brewed 4 beers now and each time we brew, we find that something else is needed to make brewing easier, or better. Ingredients aren’t all that expensive, under $80 usually for the actual ingredients for a 5 gallon batch.

Once we stepped away from the extract kit, we were constantly buying more and more equipment, but some things, like a Hop Spider, can be easily made, and you can save some money. You may see a cheaper and easier version of this made with PVC instead of the flange but they do tend to warp when using boiling water and who know what toxins are going into your beer!


DIY hop spiderDIY hop spider DIY hop spider

Things you’ll need:

  • Stainless steel garbage disposal flange. (We paid $15.00 at Home Depot but found this one on Amazon for $11)
  • Three stainless steel 3/8″ bolts.  Measure your kettle to see what total diameter you need. Our kettle is 15″ across, we used 8″ bolts.
  • Six 3/8″ stainless steel nuts to fit your bolts
  • Stainless hose clamp big enough to fit the sink flange, mine was adjustable 5″ to 7″ inch.
  • 1 gallon paint strainer bag (comes in a 2 pack)
  • Power Drill and a 3/8″ metal drill bit
  • Metal punch or you can use a smaller drill bit to start and mark the hole
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Safety glasses


  1. Take you flange and mark equal spaced marks for your three bolts, closer to the top of the flange.
  2. Using your metal punch or smaller drill bit, drill or punch a starter spot to drill your holes.
  3. After drilling the starter holes, drill out the holes the same size as your bolts with the 3/8″ drill bit. Wear your safety goggles!
  4. Place a nut on each bolt and screw it about 1/2″ onto the bolt, these nuts will be on the outside of your flange.
  5. Push the bolt through the hole in your flange and adjust the outer nut so just enough bolt is inside the flange to secure the second nut on the inside of the flange.
  6. Put the other nut on the bolt inside the flange, use the wrench or pliers to hold the outside nut and tighten the inside nut to secure the bolt to the flange, repeat the last 3 steps for each bolt.
  7. Take your hop bag and put it through the center of the hose clamp.
  8. Place this over the bottom of the flange and tighten it. (Most flanges have a lip at the bottom that works well to keep the clamp from slipping)

Happy Brewing!DIY hop spiderDIY hop spider


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