A Perfect Weekend in Tuscon, Arizona



Luxury, fun, great craft beer, and outdoor adventures can all be found in one place. Tuscon, a quick drive from Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas, it is a perfect weekend road trip.

After checking into our hotel, we were starving and decided to head to Charro Steak for dinner. The Charro team is behind this rustic Downtown steakhouse offering mesquite-grilled meats with south-of-the-border touches, like steaks topped with charred chiles and Manchego.


The next morning we woke up bright and early to enjoy our breakfast at the Lobby Grill. We ate breakfast here every morning. They have a buffet, but once we had the Yogurt Parfait and what they call toast (actually a freshly made loaf with 3 different jams)….we were hooked. I mean look at this!

arizona grand resort arizona grand resort

After breakfast, we headed out with Arizona Outback Adventures at 9am to kayak down the Lower Salt River. We were glad to head out early since it was a holiday weekend and it was going to get packed by noon with tubers. (You can also rent a tube and float down the river!)

arizona outback adventures salt river

We met up with the van a few miles from the river. Wear shorts or something you don’t mind getting wet, bring sunscreen, and its an amazing time! Our guides had waterproof bags for our cameras and one stayed with the van to meet us at the end of the trip and the other stayed along to help us out.

arizona outback adventures salt river

The kayaks were easy to use and we even hit some mini rapids! We were on the water for about 2 hours and they even gave us water and snacks along the way. We had a great time and Arizona Outback Adventures offers all kinds of tours and trips, we can’t wait to go back and book another trip with them again.

spur cross stables

After the kayaking we headed to the hotel for a shower before embarking on our next activity. It was time to be pampered! We booked a couples massage at the award-winning Arizona Biltmore, and wanted to take advantage of the sauna and steam room beforehand. The lobby is impressive as well as the bar areas.


IMG_0234arizona biltmore arizona biltmore arizona biltmorearizona biltmore

We also left ourselves enough time to check out pool area too. A drink before the massage? Don’t mind if we do.

arizona biltmore poolarizona biltmore spa

It was hard to choose just one treatment from the extensive list, but the side-by-side couples massage won us over. They use a soy candle in your choice of a variety of scents. They use the melted soy from the candle to rub you down instead of the usual lotion. 75 minutes of pure heaven. The Mr. fell asleep, as usual. Our therapists did custom body work, based on what we said was tense, and asked how much pressure we wanted. It was perfect and we got to keep the soy candles they used as well!

arizona biltmore spa arizona biltmore spa arizona biltmore spa arizona biltmore spa arizona biltmore spa

We had one last drink, and relaxed before heading back to the hotel. Who could resist?

arizona biltmore drink

Sunday morning we woke up early again, this time to head out to Tonto National Forest for an epic horseback ride with Spur Cross Stables. (We wake up at the crack of dawn at home too, for no reason at all!)

About a one hour drive north from the hotel, in the most beautiful part of Arizona we had seen so far, was Spur Cross Stables, tucked away in a small town called Cave Creek.

spur cross stablesspur cross stables 
spur cross stables spur cross stables

As we drove in we kept saying, okay, we could live here. Beautiful homes, large horse properties, and oh the mountains!

spur cross stablesspur cross stables

We booked a three hour trail ride, but they offer rides from one hour to four and a half hours long. Groups are small, usually 7 people or less, but if you have a large group they are really flexible. We had 2 guides with us, one rode in the front as a leader, and the other in the middle to watch over everyone. We are horse people. These horses were well taken care of, and happy, which in turn made us happy to support such a great place.


We were given canvas bags with water and carrots for the horses, but the bags also came in handy to store our cameras and sunscreen – and they hooked right onto the saddle!  The ride was amazing, and the guides knew so much about the land, the history, and plants and wildlife. It was a great way to spend the day!

After two hours some of the people were ready to call it quits, but we stuck around and headed on another trail with amazing views from the top of one of the mountains. I hope we can go back in the spring and ride through the creeks. Next time you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway, think of Tucson!

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