7 Days in Santa Barbara

Another mini trip is upon us. This time, my college town of Santa Barbara, California. We will be spending the next 7 days at the Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort. This picturesque city along the pacific ocean is a perfect trip for long beach days, boutique shopping, and relaxation. We arrive tomorrow, Saturday after a quick hour drive up the coast. There are a few things on my “must do” list for Santa Barbara. I haven’t been back in a while and its like going home.

Our next few posts will most likely be beach, food and drinks, so excuse the monotony.

The Wine Cake from Pierre LaFond is one of those “musts”. I don’t really care for wine, but this is similar to a pound cake, infused with Riesling. I like mine frozen, it gets a great texture that way.

butterfly beach

Another must is Butterfly Beach in Montecito, a small town 10 minutes south of Santa Barbara. Its usually quieter than the more popular East Beach near downtown Santa Barbara, only locals and a few Montecito tourists tend to come. There is only about 20 feet from street to water, making it an easy walk on the sand, and no long walk across smoldering hot sand to get to the water.


Arroyo Burro Beach

Our dog hates being couped up and as much as I love to shop, he needs some fun too. If you are traveling with your dog, like we are, a better beach choice would be Arroyo Burro Beach, also known as Hendry’s Beach, north of Santa Barbara. It is an off-leash dog beach and you can let your dog run free along the water. There are a ton of dogs there on the weekend and it’s a sure fire way to tire them out.

red rock santa barbara


A place I went almost everyday during summer in college to soak up some one is Red Rock outside of Santa Barbara. The hike is about 3 miles if you do the whole thing, but most people stop about 1/2 a mile in when you end up at natural water holes, complete with ledges to jump off, and areas where you can lay out and soak up some sun. The hiking area is dog friendly as well.

2014 avocado festival


Everyone knows we are foodies, and guess what? October is Epicure.SB! This is going to be epic! The 2014 Avocado festival, pre-fix menus at a ton of amazing restaurants, and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. will be having a Ultimate Figcation Contest & Figcation Package Giveaway.

Figueroa mountain brewing

I have to say a big “must” for the Mr. is The Funk Zone. Art, Wine bars, Craft Beer tap rooms and food….Its heaven. Here is a map/guide/directory for you, click to enlarge.

funk zone map funk zone map

The last thing on my must list are a stroll down State Street, the main road in Santa Barbara’s Downtown district. Lots of shopping, an outside mall, people watching, and it leads right onto the pier.

Here is my list of must-eats in SB:

Other highlights in Santa Barbara:

  1. ramonade
  2. powercouplelife
  3. Layne
  4. MsKia

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