3 Days in Cabo

So we got here, settled in and docked in Cabo San Lucas. We decided to go ziplining since the weather is beautiful!

cabo ziplining Zip Line Over the Water

Then we headed out on kayaks to see the famous Arch. We’ve seen it tons of times, but its always so beautiful to see we can’t help going back. The distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas is The Arch rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Its a popular tourist attraction and the central focus of countless vacation photos. It’s also called Land’s End because, as the crow flies, if you followed a line south from here, you would not touch land again until you reached the South Pole.

Getting there is easy. You can kayak like we did, or save your poor, tired arms (Hey, it IS a vacation!) and just hail a boat taxi (some with glass bottoms) from the Cabo San Lucas Marina.

el arco09_Los_Cabos_archJenny's Copyright (Full)


As you can see it gets crowded, especially on a weekend. After all that kayaking we were ready to go eat so we headed back to the yacht to freshen up and head out to our favorite place. Hacienda Cocina y Cantina is such an awesome place to go while in Cabo. The view is breathtaking, and the food is delicious. It can get packed and if you want a seat by the water with a view, go early or call ahead. I always get the crab flautas and he gets the calamari. Share the churros for a unforgettable dessert!

crab flautas churros hacienda hacienda

If you have been to a great place in Cabo, let us know so we can try it!

By the way, if you are a night owl, Bar Esquina has some great drinks and live music, but since we are headed home in the morning, we are going to grab breakfast there instead.

P.S. – I know I’m getting the  Eggs Benedict, they are delish!


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