25 Great Gift Ideas For Travelers

25 Great Gift Ideas For Travelers

There are plenty of items to give the travel-obsessed loved one in your life this holiday season. Every traveling expert needs an arsenal of products to make their journey smoother. If you’re stuck on what to get your friend or family member who’s been bitten by the travel bug, then read on for 25 great gift ideas for travelers.

Making travel easier may win their hearts, but will it warm their hearts? We’ve got some gifts that just might do the trick.

 1. Packing Cubes – Every expert traveler has this on their “must have” list. Pack neatly and keep your items organized with packing cubes in many sizes.

2. The Ultimate Packing List – The remedy for pre-trip chaos and forgotten toiletries is here.

3. Travel Books – Inspire wanderlust.

4. Travel Journal – A beautiful way to memorialize your trips and travels.

5. Portable Battery Pack – Refill the power on your phone or device 4-5 times on a single charge.


6. Passport Holder – Find your passport quickly with these bold colors and great value while staying in style while you travel.

7. Selfie Stick – No more up close selfies! Take in the view with this handy bluetooth compatible gadget.

8. Tea to Go – Try teas while you travel without the hassle of a tea kettle with this built in steeper.


9. Baby On The Go – Perfect for the on the go parents traveling with baby.


10. Scratch Off Map – Scratch as you go, and reveal the brilliant colors as you uncover each area traveled to.

11. Giant World Map – Giant wall map for the perfect accent wall.

12. Amazon Gift Card – Who doesn’t need something from Amazon!?

13. Kindle Fire HD – a low cost alternative to the iPad. On the go gadget for movies, music, maps and more.

14. Hanging Travel Toiletries Case – Keep your stuff organized and neat on the go.

15. Water Color World Map – Wanderlust wall art.

16. Digital Luggage Scale – Tipping the scales at check-in? No more guessing with this handy gadget.

17. Southwest Airlines Gift Card – An easy gift for those always on the go, works internationally on AirTran flights as well. You pick the denomination.

18. Traveler’s Neck Pillow – Don’t be that passenger using your neighbors shoulder or waking up with a cramp in your neck from that awkward position.

19. Starbucks Gift Card – They are in almost every airport and in every city. Feel like you are at home anywhere. Energy to pull through your jet lag!

20. Universal Power Adapter – No more worrying about bring extra chargers or staying connected overseas.

21. Noise Cancelling Headphones – Crying babies on your flight? Not an issue with these on!

22. Hotel Safe Lock – Who do you think resets the safe when you forget the code? Keep your items secure.

23. Bottle Protector – Bringing back wine, beer or spirits? Protect it! 

24. Luggage Identification Tags – Easy to see at baggage claim


What is on your “must have” traveler wish list? Let us know in the comments below!

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