20 Things to Do in Tooele County

We love exploring lesser-known destinations like Tooele County, Utah. We’re planning to head there soon and made a list of the top things to do in the county, which is known for its outdoor adventures, music, and entertainment.

The rich Western history in Toole County is prevalent, but the origins of its name are debated. Some claim it came from early explorer, Father Francisco Dominguez, who based the name on Tuilla, a small town in Spain. Others have suggested that it’s a native Goshute Tribe word for “bear.” The Mormon Pioneers referred to the area as Tuilla until 1870, when it was changed to the current spelling.

Tooele County is Basin and Range country, and most of its towns lie in a broad valley between the Oquirrh Mountains in the east and the Stansbury Mountains to the west. The Great Salt Lake Desert covers most of western Tooele, except the southwest corner, where the Deep Creek Mountains rise up. Before heading out on our adventure, we had to pick where to stay, which was pretty easy! A hotel in Salt Lake City offers easy access to the outdoors and the city. From there, we can easily explore the top 20 things to do in Tooele County, Utah.

1. Deseret Peak Facility

2. Camping at the Cedar Mountain Wilderness Areas

Located West of Salt Lake City, the Cedar Mountain Wilderness area comprises a typical north-south Great Basin range approximately 30 miles long and 5 miles wide. The area is generally accessible year-round and offers open-country hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, hunting, photography, and nature study.

3. Pony Express Trail

The Pony Express Trail National Backcountry Byway begins near Fairfield and ends at Ibapah, Utah. Along the route, visitors can enjoy history and a variety of recreation opportunities.

4. Lantern Festival

5. Horseback Riding at the Stansbury Mountain Range

wild horses tooele county

Tooele County is also home to the largest herd of free-roaming wild horses in Utah and one of the largest in the country. Out of all the things we learned about Tooele County, this was our favorite. As avid animal activists and horse lovers, we want to visit just to see the wild horses.

6. Salt Flats Racing Association Test & Tune

bonneville salt flats

Tooele County is home to the fastest land speed records on earth, as established on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats are some of the most iconic and most photographed landscapes in America.

7. Fishing in Tooele County

Although Tooele County is primarily an arid environment, there are several locations where anglers can test their skills. Most reservoirs are regularly stocked throughout the summer, and there are remote streams and other waters that produce impressive fish, too.

8. Bit N’ Spur Rodeo

9. Biking Tooele County

Instead of just seeing the hills, you feel them while riding a road or mountain bike across Tooele County. In addition to feeling the hills through your legs, lungs, and heart, the ride is exceptionally enjoyable because you’re not fighting for space on local roads or trails. Relative solitude, even on weekends, is the norm here.

10. Country Fan Fest

11. Tooele County Railroad Museum

Opened in 1983, the museum is a repository of artifacts from railroading, smelting and mining.

12. Donner-Reed Trail

13. Bird Watching in Tooele County

For a taste of birding in wide-open sagebrush rangelands, birders can drive Raptor Loop, which follows Highway 36 the length of Tooele Valley before heading through Rush Valley on Highway 73 and back around to Lehi. You can spot owls, hawks, eagles, prairie falcons, ospreys, crows, and ravens in the area.

14. ATV & OHV Trails

15. Salt Water Scuba Diving

Bonneville Seabase is located 40 miles west of Salt Lake City, where spring water rises through the ancient lake bed of Bonneville and becomes almost 3 percent saltwater.

16. Sailing on the Great Salt Lake

17. Wendover Air Museum

18. Golf in Tooele County

A trio of 18-hole golf courses offers excellent golfing opportunities in Tooele Valley. For players who like a little gambling with their links, an 18-hole desert course is available just outside the county in Wendover, Nevada.

19. Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum

20. Benson Grist Mill

Even with all these things to do, we’re expecting to find even more once we arrive. Tooele County is a great destination for foodies, skiers, and snowboarders alike. Depending on the time of year you decide to visit, you may experience a completely different Tooele County. We’ve heard that spring, summer, and winter all offer unique experiences.

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